Usually, your customers are expecting more than just great food and drinks when they come to your restaurant or sports bar — they are seeking a pleasurable experience. Audio and video play an important role in that experience, so it is necessary to invest more in this area for your establishment. AV Access’s Plug-n-play distributed IP matrix system, highly-reliable HDBase-T extenders and powerful matrixes will ensure that your patrons enjoy the best screen viewing experience possible.


What are the common A/V requirements for sports bars/restaurants?
Large Displays & Separate TV Screens

A display screen in the central area like large TV, project screen or video wall is essential because they should be visible from every seat in your bar. For sports fans, both picture size and picture quality really matter. Besides, some large restaurants and sports bars need individual screens at each booth or table, so that each customer can easily operate his or her TV and clearly hear the audio without disturbing other patrons.

A/V Extension & Distribution

For some large bars or restaurants, it is important to put all equipment, like set-top box, DVD, PC, ethernet switch and wireless router in one room for better centralized management. In terms of audio/video extension, HDMI extenders can transmit the source signals from the equipment room to the bar area at a long distance.

Matrix Switching

An A/V matrix can enable multiple sources to be linked to multiple HD screens. Bar staff can choose which source plays through which screen centrally at the bar, with no need to change the channel with a remote. It is important that the TV screens have the right quality to show graphics, details and more importantly movement. Generally speaking, the larger your sports bar is, the more sources and screens you need.

Multi-Zone Distributed Audio

Your customers need to listen to the game they’re watching. Multi-zone audio systems can ensure one game’s play-by-play commentary doesn’t drown out the audio from a different game.

Intuitive Control System

With a centralized control system, staff members can spend less time looking for remotes and more time mixing drinks. Also, they can quickly manage all of A/V systems from a single remote or tablet.

Digital Signage

The marketing benefits of digital signage can be substantial. Some advantages are immediately apparent: marketing messages can be changed frequently, and today’s consumers pay more attention to video marketing. In short, it can help sports bars or restaurant increase digital marketing efforts.